Divinity Ray is an award-winning celebrity hair artist known for their bold and courageous vivid color designs and larger-than-life personality. Divinity specializes in transformations, precision haircuts, balayage, and blonding techniques. Divinity's experience is extensive and they are versed in all hair types.


As a traveling hair artist based in New York City, Divinity curates a luxury home salon experience fit for a celebrity. 


The experience begins with a deep consultation to evaluate hair health, history, and understand the client’s desires and expectations. From there, Divinity creates a unique and original vision. Every new client is seen as a blank canvas and no two people ever leave with the same style. 


Working with only high-end and cruelty-free products, while bringing in half a decade’s worth of industry knowledge, Divinity’s luxury home salon experience is perfect for anyone looking for color corrections, radical transformations, red carpet events, or a simple, convenient, and private touch up.


Clients have often referred to time with Divinity as being a “spiritual experience” as Divinity brings a healing and compassionate touch to everything they do. Divinity believes every experience should be individualized and private, “I want to get to know my clients well so our time feels more like they’re rekindling with a good friend and confidante.”


Outside of hair, Divinity Ray has collaborated with big brands such as Burt's Bees and Crocs. They are represented by The Driven Agency, LA. With a reach of close to a 1M on Instagram and Tik Tok, Divinity is able to provide an expansive reach for brands looking to diversify their portfolio. Divinity is a fierce advocate for mental health and the LGBTQ+ community and uses their platform to advocate and inspire others.